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Kindness, personal contact and a smile – more and more people will be happy to take a break from the computer for a moment to talk to such a seller. contact usand find out what to do to make your sales team achieve maximum efficiency.Contextual marketing: an unstoppable force April 24, 2021 Marketing strategy Contextual marketing, a force that cannot be stoppe Contextual marketing can only be treate as one of the tools in a marketer’s arsenal. More broadly, however, AI-base algorithms are a powerful force that is changing the way we shop and use the web.

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What is contextual marketing? Advantages and disadvantages of contextual marketing Contextual marketing in examples The future of contextual marketing According to the 2018 report, 81% of of marketers planne to increase their spending phone number list on contextual marketing at that time. This trend continues. While a few years ago hardly anyone made purchases under the influence of such recommendations, today many people appreciate the convenience of personalize, context-adjuste content. What is contextual marketing? As the name suggests, contextual marketing is content tailore to the context, the habits and choices of a particular customer.

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This could be the context: location, age, gender, marital status, life situation, shopping preferences, time, interests. Understanding these specific contexts allows you to better understand what contextual marketing is specifically. Location is DT Leads the matching of recommendations or offers base on where you live or stay. In the past, location information was collecte only on the basis of past purchases.  Today often on an ongoing basis – in applications and social meia. Contextual marketing base on personal characteristics, interests or sensitive data is a simple method of preicting preferences and invaluable sales support.

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