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Most often these people have not had any contact with the interface of the sponsor links campaign, which is Google Ads, which unfortunately usually results in catastrophic mistakes made when building and running Google Ads campaigns. In the article, I will present the most common errors in ad accounts that I encounter when auditing them. Contents [ hide ] . Incorrectly select campaign type . No keyword match types . No keyword exclusions . Incorrect location targeting settings . No conversion tracking . Incorrectly select campaign type When we plan to advertise a business, we ne to choose the types of Google Ads that will best suit the promotion of our offer.

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Lack of experience in handling Google ads most often results in the selection of campaigns in the search network with an extension to the display database network. in Google’s help, which presents it as extremely easy to set up , enabling automation and increasing the return on ad spend. Unfortunately, this type of campaign has a very big disadvantage in the form of no control over what part of our budget will be us for the advertising network and how much for the search network. Automation in Google Ads campaigns is a kind of double-g sword – at the same time it does the lion’s share of the work for us, but it also takes away the control over.


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Where and when the ads will appear. In addition,, it is more difficult to assess the effectiveness of individual channels . In my experience, ads in DT Leads these types of campaigns perform worse than those display in campaigns dicat to the advertising network. a multi-channel business, we should choose dicat campaign types , such as a text campaign in the search network and a campaign in the display network. . No keyword match types As part of a search network campaign.

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