4 Examples of Social Media Plan on Twitter from 4 companies

4 Examples of Social Media Plan on Twitter from 4 companies. Do you have to manage a company’s Twitter account and don’t know how to do it? You may find inspiration in this article. We have taken four real businesses from different fields and we have asked four bloggers and Aula CM alumni to develop a Social Media Plan on Twitter for each of the companies. The objective of this collaborative post is to give concrete ideas to these businesses.

concrete ideas for Twitter Target audiences

concrete ideas for Twitter. Target audiences. We understand that the gallery’s target audience. Therefore, the first thing they should focus on to disseminate content framed in a context. This audience could be described. Therefore, as an art lover with a email contact list high cultural level. Therefore, average purchasing power (since its platform makes art accessible to less happy pockets) between about 28 and 60 years old.

Content scheduling

Content scheduling. Taking a general look at the Twitter account, you can clearly see the information regarding the company, as well as its mission. The main page of the website also contains social network icons to create an ideal circuit that encourages the growth of a community. However, the B&G brand does not publish DT Leads tweets regularly, so it does not have a great capacity to influence its sector and we assume that it will reach a very small number of potential customers to take to the web.

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