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At university as Which requir physical effort. Traditionally the liberal arts were divid into: Arts of the Trivium : grammar, rhetoric and dialectics; Arts of the Quadrivium : arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. Today in our society, intellectual commitment is often snubb, by all generations, not just by young people. Events are willfully ignor or conveniently dismiss. Data is manipulat and interpret for profit rather than illuminating aspects of the truth. Instant gratification and personal growth are celebrat as virtues for the world of work without dwelling on the public interest and the common good.

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Language for a conversation is a rarity. Whatever the seo expate bd social, political and religious view, we should all be alarm. This system, in which skills, experience, data, judgments, words, respect and personal identity are in short supply, denotes a society in difficulty. Intellectual speculation no longer exists. Everyone has truths to propose and their truth is always better than the others. A liberal arts ucation can play an important role in changing the current situation. The liberal arts involve an intellectual boldness that occurs through the valorization of skills, community and personal identity.

Competence is acquir

Through in-depth study and rigorous ucation. Which DT Leads  builds and refines the skills of critical thinking and analysis. It is bas on the ability to continue learning and. The disposition to be intellectually agile, to exercise judgment and communicate effectively. We have a great responsibility towards the new generations. Must not teach what to think but how to think. We ne to give the knowlge and skills to develop the courage to think for ourselves and to shape principles, perspectives, beliefs and solutions to the new problems of our society. But this is possible if at the base there is a foundation of study and discipline on correct reasoning which is currently missing.

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