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The significant increase in b2c e-commerce in recent years pushes the digital growth of the b2b market in the same direction: companies and individuals want simpler paths for online purchases. At the same time.

Many companies that have embrac

Many companies that have embrac b2b e-commerce are trying to improve interaction with their buyers by increasingly innovating the purchasing experience and the features available to customers. A 2021 report from dhl express reports that by 2025. 80% of b2b relationships between suppliers and buyers will leverage digital channels.
In this context. Amazon has l the way since 2015 with special data amazon business : a division focus on the sales and purchasing market of small and large business professionals. Which now serves more than five million companies around the

It is precisely on amazon that the foreign market

It is precisely on amazon that the foreign market of italian smes also grows and develops successfully. As the 2022 marketplace report explains: in 2021 over 200 smes made sales for more than one million euros. Italian companies on amazon have stood out above all in the beauty. Home DT Leads and kitchen. Industry and science. Sports and leisure. Health and personal care sectors. Among the regions with the highest number of companies active on amazon. Lombardy stands out.

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