The digital report plays an essential role in expanding access to health. After all, base on this document, more tests  made available to the population , even in units far from large centers. A digital electrocardiogram with a report, for example, so important for investigating and monitoring heart disease, could not be offer without having a specialist doctor on site to analyze the results. This changes with the regulation of telemedicine in Brazil. Which has the digital report among its services. In this article. I will present a complete guide on this medical document that brings the medical conclusions about different tests. You will find out what a digital signature is and what it is for, the advantages of the online medical report and also which specialties benefit from it. If the subject is of interest to you, be sure to follow until the end. What is a digital report?

A digital report is a document that exists

Only electronically, used for different purposes. Digitally signed, it has legal validity to be distributed and shared by online platforms , whether in the form of an opinion, certificate, report, statement or certificate. In these formats USA Phone Number List it can be use as an expert, medical or laboratory document, for example. Throughout this article, we will refer to the digital report as a medical document . That is, considering its use in recording medical conclusions from the analysis and interpretation of exams. A medical report is the instrument that presents the opinion of a specialist after observing the data collected in different procedures. Among them, the electrocardiogram and the electroencephalogram , which analyze the electrical activities of the heart and brain, respectively. Its digital version, therefore, is the one that is electronically signed by the specialist doctor .

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And this can happen remotely

That’s what we’ll find out in the next topic. How does the online report and telemedicine work? How telemedicine works Doctor interpreting scans at the bedside Telemedicine is an area of ​​telehealth that allows remote support for medical diagnoses, interpreting test results and DT Leads issuing reports remotely. For this, it has the support of the so-called ICTs, information and communication technologies. Its actions are regulated in the country based on Resolution CFM nº 1.643/2002 , of the Federal Council of Medicine, having the digital report, precisely, one of its most outstanding contributions to health. As highlighted at the beginning of the article, this is the document that expands Brazilians’ access to important exams. To better understand this statement, check out.

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