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And be aware, at the same time, not only of the great nonsense that can result, for example, in the writing of a work that has been prepar on the exclusive basis of sources from the Internet that are barely or not filter at all, but, in equal measure, Consider the ridicule that could be expos to those who later discover with dismay – due to the inopportune observation of some bookworm – that the verses they proudly publish on their social networks are nothing but, As long as information flows, knowlge remains. As the title of a work that collects the conversations that

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Umberto Eco and the playwright Jean-Claude Carrière had about his bibliophile passion says, “no one will put an end to books.” And we should turn to these (whether digital, physical, or living – as happen with the talking books of Fahrenheit 451 –), or, in general, turn to reliable and legitimiz information in academic terms, rather than to the rumor that business database with playful irresponsibility transforms into authority – an unprecent authority – on the idoliz internet.On June 5, the date on which World Environment Day is commemorat, the Commission of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples,

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Environment and Ecology of Congress approv the opinion that prohibits the use of single-use plastic bags, technopor and straws in order to protect health and the environment. Since then, in supermarkets and other establishments, checkout staff place purchases in one or two large bags and ask users to keep them or bring their own on a next visit. Although this makes the act of purchasing somewhat complex, few will doubt that there is no DT Leads more time to act against the accumulation of plastic in seas and land. Much less in the former, where there are millions of tons of waste of this material, and of course in our country, where a still incipient recycling culture has turn rivers and beaches into landfills.

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