The equipment for polysomnography brings together a series of functionalities. It can be portable or for hospital use. Taking into account the combination of two or more parameters measured during polysomnography. Therefore, there is great variation between models, features, sizes, accessories and, consequently, in the price of the device. Hence the importance of understanding the needs of your health service, in order to invest in the most cost-effective equipment . Throughout this text, I bring information that will help you in this decision, including the option of remote reports via telemedicine . What is the equipment for polysomnography? Polysomnography equipment consists of channels connected to accessories that measure different parameters during sleep .

Also called polysomnography

The device allows the simultaneous performance of two or more exams while the patient sleeps. After all, we are talking about polysomnography , which, as the name suggests, combines more than one recording during sleep. The most complete equipment is for hospital use . In this case, the test requires Australia Mobile Number List the individual to sleep in the laboratory or health service so that he can have a monitored night’s sleep. This device uses sensors to evaluate at least 7 biological parameters : Brain electrical activity , through thedigital electroencephalogram Submental electromyogram (EMG) , to assess jaw movement Electro-oculogram (EOG) , which monitors eye opening and eye movements in sleep phases Electrocardiogram (ECG), which studies cardiac electrical activity Airflow with sensor placed in the pharynx, to measure the airflow that passes through the trachea during the respiratory cycle.

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Respiratory effort with strap-like sensor

The chest and abdomen, capable of measuring chest and abdominal movement during inspiration and expiration pulse oximetry, which monitors oxygen saturation during sleep time Sensors placed on the legs to assess body movements. Next, I explain how the equipment works. How does the DT Leads polysomnography equipment work? The equipment for polysomnography. Works from accessories that are fixed to the patient’s body . The quantity and types of items depend on the biological parameters monitor by the polysomnography . The records referring to the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram, for example, are collected by electrodes connected to the chest and scalp , respectively. The oximetry is done from a clip place on the patient’s finger, and the respiratory effort requires the placement of a strap on the chest and abdomen. All these accessories are connect to the polysomnography system.

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