Understand What Eeg With Brain Mapping is and What Its Indications Are

The electroencephalogram with brain mapping consists of a procedure adopted for the diagnosis of a series of brain diseases, focused mainly on topographies of epilepsy. The medical community in Brazil and around the world since its inception. This article was create to show you what the procedure of electroencephalogram with brain mapping is. How it works and what are its main attractions and advantages. Keep reading and find out more! The main differential of the electroencephalogram with brain mapping. EEG with brain mapping. The main differential of the electroencephalogram with brain mapping. EEG with brain mapping has as its main differential the use of computerize technology for the possibility of quantifying the results. In the form of images that are not provided by the common electroencephalogram.

If in the conventional procedure

We can diagnose an illness, with brain mapping it is possible to give greater meaning to the result that was present. In a much more rigorous and effective way. Drawing the location in the brain that was affect with image information . Example of images generated by Electroencephalogram with brain mapping Observe in the example below how it is presented and then the comments about the exam. EEG images Montage of head images on EEG with brain mapping This type of procedure is not invasive for the patient, it is perform. In up to 30 minutes and has a more accurate result, with topographic images of the epileptic foci. The test’s main objective is to study the performance and electrical functioning of the brain.  In the case of electroencephalogram with brain mapping, a real ‘map’ of brain regions is available for immediate analysis.


Through this electrical brain mapping

It becomes possible to identify which parts of the brain are responsible for controlling certain tasks and functions.  Main indications of the Electroencephalogram with brain mapping. Main indications of the Electroencephalogram DT Leads with brain mapping. Ain indications of the. Electroencephalogram with brain mapping. The researchers took advantage of the digital age to add more functionality to the conventional clinical electroencephalogram. Performing the exam with a computer, it is possible to map the areas of the brain affected by pathologies .  With data processing, the computer draws the compromised regions as if it were a CT scan.

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