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A few hours before New Year’s Eve. Terapeak sent an email to users stating that it had reached an agreement. With eBay and would not personal brand display the user’s eBay seller ID to protect the user’s privacy. While you can still see your top-selling products in the new best-selling products. View in Terapeak Product Research Tool. You will no longer see the seller’s name. This basically means you can no longer see your competitors’ top-selling products. What’s the benefit for eBay sellers? Terapeak has partnered with eBay for over 12 years. Creating research tools to help sellers find profitable products to sell.

Who will be affected by this change

With Terapeak, eBay sellers can understand which categories are in demand for their product lines. In addition to helping them find the right products, Terapeak also tracks the sales activity of users. Its database allows sellers to identify their competitors and, once identified, monitor their strategies. Whether it’s pricing methods or what competitors are doing on eBay, sellers use this information to improve conversion company data rates. Now that Terapeak has removed the ability for its research tool to display its users’ eBay seller IDs, Terapeakers will no longer be able to find best sellers for a specific product. 

However, for merchants limited to eBay, the situation is different. Around the Web Sponsored The Close Relationship Between Stress and Sleep The Close Relationship Between Stress and Sleep If you sell on eBay but don’t use Terapeak, you can still use the marketplace’s advanced search options View the sales performance of other sellers.

Deep competition research personal brand

The only difference is that the information you will get will not be as comprehensive as what you get from Terapeak. Are you a long-time Terapeak user? If so, what do you think about this ? Will you still be using Terapeak after this change forced by eBay? 00 haha ​​000 Online sellers of Grace Weir DT Leads photos aren’t left behind either. Multi-channel marketing is the fastest way to reach your customers. UnderstandingE provides tutorials on Magento, M2E Pro, Magmi and other e-commerce tools so you can sell on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces and earn more. See you there then!

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