Romberg Test Know This Neurological Exam

Knowing the Romberg test is important when assessing a person’s static balance. Simple and quick, the procedure can signal problems for the patient to stand up, especially when he does not have vision support. In this way, the test helps in the diagnosis of neurological problems , allowing the adoption of treatment and care to prevent falls, for example. If you want to deepen your knowledge on this topic, you’ve come to the right place.  I also bring a bonus for those who want to qualify the diagnosis or clarify doubts quickly, obtaining a second opinion using telemedicine . Let’s go? What is the Romberg test? Romberg test is a clinical evaluation that reveals changes in the patient’s static balance. The procedure allows the analysis of 3 neurophysiological bases that make balance possible.

Vestibular system visual system

And proprioceptive system. In a simplified way, we can say that the vestibular system focuses on the orientation of the head in relation to the surrounding environment. The proprioceptive system allows our orientation regarding the body and its movements in space. Finally, the visual system Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List collects and presents a series of information about the environment, reinforcing our ability to balance. Together with the environment, they are responsible for relating sensory and motor activity to allow the body to remain upright . When referring to balance, that situation is specified in. Which the body adopts a certain position in relation to space. Which the head is direct upwards and the face forward with erection of. The whole body in order to position the head at the top, this standing position is the orthostatic or upright position .” So, although it seems simple, the task of standing up is quite complex.

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And the Romberg test exists to investigate

Disturbances that hinder this task, with a negative impact. On the vestibular, visual and proprioceptive systems. neurological examination. The Romberg test serves to investigate obstacles to the task of standing up. When is the DT Leads Romberg test done? The test can have a preventive approach or for the diagnosis of neurological problems. In the first case, it is usually indicate for employees hire to work in dangerous. Environments, for example, working at heights . The goal is to prevent falls that, in this context, can lead to serious accidents at work or even death. Thus, employees undergo an examination at occupational medicine clinics , in order to check whether they are authorized to assume the role, receiving the occupational health certificate (ASO) . Rose Maura dos Santos Brito. Its purpose was to track dysfunctions in the patients’ vestibular system , which tend to appear as a result.

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