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Have you ever experienced an absence crisis ? During this episode, the patient shuts off the outside world for a few seconds. Then he resumes the previous activity, not even noticing the moments when he was “out of breath”. Added to the fact that this condition is more common in children , its characteristics make it difficult for people close to it to identify it. Hence the need to know more to seek medical help, receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment. In the next few lines, I bring the main information about absence seizures, symptoms and online consultation options with the neurologist . Check out! What is an absence seizure? Absence crisis is an episode in which there is complete alienation from the outside environment . Also called “shutdown”, it causes the patient to be “out of breath”, unable to respond to any external stimulus. In general, this type of convulsive crisis lasts a few seconds and tends to go unnoticed by the people around. Absence seizures and epilepsy.

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The Ministry of Health defines it as: “A temporary and reversible alteration in the functioning of the brain, which has not been caused by fever, drugs or metabolic disturbances and is expressed by repeated epileptic seizures.” Therein lies the relationship between these two conditions: epilepsy can be manifested by absence seizures and other epileptic seizures. As long as there is more than one episode. It is worth remembering that, in addition to absence seizures, there are several Indian Phone Number List other types of seizures, such as tonic-clonic and myoclonic seizures . The tonic-clonic crisis is simpler to identify, combining rigid limbs, uncontrolled movements, salivation and moaning. Myoclonic, on the other hand, causes a sensation of shock and unintentional movements in the victim . Both epileptic seizures and epilepsy originate from disturbances in the process of communication between neurons. The difference between them is that, in epilepsy, seizures occur more than once .

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Absence seizure symptoms

Typical symptoms of an absence seizure are: loss of consciousness Immediate pause in the activity you are doing, be it a movement, a conversation or anything else Looking lost or vacant eyes facing up Lack of response to stimuli Sudden return to previous activity after seconds, with no recollection of the crisis. Although the most common thing is to stand still  DT Leads during the crisis, there are cases in which the patient performs repetitive movements. Blinking non-stop and chewing are some examples. In any case, the other shutdown signs will always be present. Is it possible to have an absence seizure while sleeping? Yes, you can have sleep-absence seizures, however, diagnosing this condition will be tricky . This is because the absence seizure fits into the group of seizures that lead to loss of consciousness . Consequently, the patient does not remember having suffered a seizure.

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