Consultation With a Neurologist Online Brings You Closer to the Doctor You Need

When was the last time you had a consultation with a neurologist ? Although it is common to look for this specialist only. When a symptom appears, it is important to schedule routine appointments. On these occasions, the doctor gives guidance and can even discover. The origin of discomfort such as headaches and stiffness in the limbs. With the diagnosis in hand, it is possible to have access to the appropriate treatment, improving the quality of life. Does it make sense to you? In times of pandemic and hectic routine, telemedicine appears as an option to keep the health care routine up to date. This even applies to neurological assessments. Which can be done remotely from any device connected to the internet. Throughout this text, I will explain how this dynamic works. You will also know which situations call for the support of a neurologist and what information to share with this professional. Shall we go ahead?

Consultation with a neurologist

When to seek this specialist Neurology is the medical specialty that studies the functioning of the brain (a region formed by the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem), spinal cord, nerves and nerve endings. These are the structures of the nervous system . The neurologist is also responsible for identifying abnormalities, diagnosing and treating neurological disorders . The role of this specialist is complex as it includes Switzerland Phone Numbers List  care for brain cells. It is up to the neurons to transmit commands to carry out voluntary. And involuntary movements , reason, analyze situations, process memories, among several other functions. Due to its central role , even small disorders in the nervous system are capable of causing unexpected reactions, such as uncoordinated movements. Lack of balance, diffuse pain and mental confusion are other signs that can reveal disturbances in the nervous system. And need a neurological evaluation to discover the root of the problem. Learn more about situations that call for an appointment with a neurologist below. When presenting symptoms of neurological disorders.

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Frequent headaches and loss of balance

Are among the obvious signs, but not all neurological disorder symptoms are obvious. An example is chronic tiredness or fatigue, which may indicate that a sleep disorder is preventing the body and mind from resting at night. Similarly, an apparent inattention and drop in school performance in children DT Leads and adolescents can be a manifestation of epilepsy . This disease causes abnormal electrical discharges in the brain, triggering various epileptic seizures – not just with falls and sudden movements. Characterized by disconnection from the outside world, absence seizures affect more children and adolescents, and may be behind the lack of attention in class. Below, I bring a list of symptoms that should turn on the warning light for the search for a neurologist: Headache or neck pain Back pain joint pain .

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