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Twitter also launch their live platforms between November and December 2016 confirming the importance of these channels in the social strategy . All that remains is to find out how a B2B company can exploit the potential provid by social platforms to further engage its target audience in 2017. Download the ebook As a very first step the advice that comes from the inbound marketing methodology is to define your buyer persona : by speaking with colleagues and already acquir customers you will have the opportunity to trace the profile of your ideal customer and understand which social networks he frequents for stay in touch with other professionals and find information on the latest industry news.

The idea is to be present

Only where prospects are looking for content similar to that offer by you. As for what to share follow the example of brands that are already successfully using live streaming platforms. There are those who for example broadcast their events live on Facebook Twitter or Instagram. If you have organiz a conference or seminar by sharing it live from the company’s social mia profiles you will have the opportunity to also involve that part of the target audience who for various reasons was unable to take part.

It is important to bring

Among the many platforms that support the sharing of video content Periscope was a pioneer in this sense and Facebook Live is among the most us. The reports releas by Periscope DT Leads and Facebook respectively speak of 110 years spent by users watching videos for the former and the live streaming record achiev by the latter last New Year’s Eve. In the graph below you will find the peaks reach in different parts of the world with live video shares to celebrate the new year. (Source: Facebook ) corporate-social-mia-facebook-live Instagram and.

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