Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

The company as close as possible to its prospects and customers because through transparent conversations the bonds of trust are creat which are the basis of the most profitable and long-lasting commercial collaborations. Don’t lose sight of the updates and new functions propos by the various live streaming platforms to expand the channels available for the company’s social strategy. Facebook for example is about to add the ability to share 360┬░ videos to its Live offering a perfect way to record events with many participants or show the company to the public with a virtual tour of offices and production facilities.

 Instant messaging We're not just

Talking about alternatives to SMS instant messaging applications like Facebook Messenger WhatsApp or Skype are us by 4 billion users Business Email List worldwide and represent a huge opportunity for B2B companies to spread their presence. Specifically brands that use this type of app are completely changing their approach to customer service thanks to personaliz and timely communications. Orienting digital channels and corporate social mia to serve users to offer an increasingly better experience is the reason that drives more and more companies to use instant messaging applications as customer service platforms.

These are much faster

Easier to use tools in which customers are not forc to wait on line for interminable minutes for an operator to answer their call or receive less than comprehensive email responses. On the one hand users have the feeling of being follow directly and the certainty of timely feback on the other companies can count on a decidly scalable and cost-efficient means of communication DT Leads with which customer retention is definitely an achievable goal. instant-messaging-900×500.png HubSpot VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney.

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