Integrate Company Social Media

Anderson pricts that messaging apps will soon become an integral part of everyday online interactions and adds that perhaps it’s time to think of them more as evolving infrastructures than simple applications. The data also supports this theory: 1 in 4 applications are abandon immiately after using it just once except messaging ones. That’s why corporate social mia strategies should focus on these tools to establish quick real-time contact with prospects and customers. Mobile The forecasts for 2017 see investments in advertising campaigns for mobile devices growing. Let’s see specifically what the trends are for each social network.

Facebook confirms itself as

The social mia giant especially if we talk about the turnover deriv from advertising which brought Mark Zuckemberg’s company a good 7 billion dollars last Business Lead year. 80% of this revenue comes from mobile campaigns. Twitter also reports an increase in advertising revenue especially on the mobile side. In 2017 it is very likely that they will proce with the experimentation of new visual content such as icons for sponsor #hashtags or stickers to vary the offer offer to their users.

In summary marketers should

Experiment with advertising campaigns on different social platforms to understand which channels perform best and where the target audience spends most of their time. Virtual reality It is a novelty in digital marketing and is expect to gain more and more market share in 2017. The uniqueness of virtual reality lies in the involvement of users in an unforgettable experience DT Leads and for companies this is a value that must absolutely be exploit to capture the attention of potential customers.

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