Content Tailored for Each Social Platform

The experience is made even more engaging thanks to the use of 3D viewers and augment virtual reality systems but the videos can still be watch from any device whether mobile or desktop. In 2017 video streaming will represent at least 75% of total internet traffic and the public shows that it wants to consume more and more content of this type. For this reason companies even in B2B should experiment with sharing new formats to be one step ahead of direct competitors in the competition for the attention of the target audience.

Corporate social mia strategies

Should constantly update following market trends and prospects’ purchasing habits. Be prepar for everything even changes that we Business Database have not foreseen in this article! If you want advice on how to structure your social plan contact us for a FREE online session with one of our experts. New Call-to-action Share your comments and opinions using the box below! B2B DIGITAL MARKETING | SOCIAL MIACorporate social mia: what has chang If we look back even a little in 2014 visits to the site coming from social networks had come to numerically challenge those coming from organic (not paid) search results.

That trend has undergone

A sharp reversal and today users coming from social mia represent a much smaller share. What was the cause? Probably the saturation of content in all social channels. LinkIn Facebook and Twitter have in fact push their advertising DT Leads systems a lot and companies have made the most of them in the form of adverts sponsor posts and advertising campaigns.

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