Authoritative voiceover and high-quality animation

Project permission length: 1 min 33 why it works: the animation is well done – and keep in mind that production values are crucial. As your video will often be the first impression on a potential customer (or at that case a supporter) gets. This video shows the pain of what you want to avoid (“bad permitting practices”) and promotes what vote solar wants to do: “shine a light on solar permitting practices nationwide and give people like you the chance to improve them.”   4: spotify length: 1 min 04 why it works: this animat   video has a low-key. Hand-drawn style.


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 It matches very well with spotify’s color scheme. And explains what europe email list spotify is through words and images on the screen. Having the words in the video. Rather than spoken. Means the soundtrack can really shine – helping to demonstrate what spotify is great at. It’s plain and simple. Engaging and fun to watch.   5: prescribewellness length: 30 seconds why it works: with a clear. Authoritative voiceover and high-quality animation. This very short video from prescribewellness clearly explains what your local pharmacy can do. Showing animat   figures treating themselves and saying to the viewer that “local community pharmacies are building better healthcare.


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This is part of a series of short videos explaining what prescribewellness does (this video makes the relationship between prescribewellness and community pharmacies clearer).   6: poopourri length: 2 minutes 15 why it works: poopourri doesn’t have just one explainer DT Leads video. But a whole series of videos. The humor verges on the outrageous (you’ll find plenty of youtube commenters who absolutely love them. And a few who are horrifi  !) – and each video includes a clear explanation of how it works. There’s a consistency between the videos (most of them have the same r  -hair   british narrator) that helps create a memorable brand.


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