With many individuals and organizations

With many individuals and organizations using their google accounts for mia storage. Alias addresses or in cases where they may have lost access. But have content stor — this is certainly inconvenient. For marketers. Though. The worry is that the deletion of accounts will lead to hard bounces in email sends. Possibly skewing metrics.With our template builder. You can make brand emails and then send them. It’s that easy.

We sat down with principal marketing

We sat down with principal marketing consultant on our global strategy team. Rima deming to get the lowdown on everything marketers ne to know about the recent changes. How it will affect them and what action africa email list you should take to get prepar for this change. Why is google taking this action — is it just a security and spam issue or more to do with cost? Google has stat that this move is intend to protect users from security threats. Accounts that had not been us for an extend period of time were more susceptible to being compromis.

An internal analysis that google

An internal analysis that google conduct found that these older accounts were less likely to have implement their two-factor authentication. And this extra verification method helps to confirm a user’s identity and accounts that don’t have it are often more vulnerable and at risk for identity theft. Although the policy has already gone into effect. Google will not be deleting unus accounts until december DT Leads at the earliest. Starting with accounts that were set up but never us. Google has provid options to keep accounts active which include the following activity

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