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End repetitive tasks The post title and URL. However, there are some rules to follow to prevent. Google from penalizing the page. If you use a CMS like HubSpot , all these measures are includ in the section for creating and publishing blog articles. The title should include a maximum of characters, because Google does not show more than that. The URL, however, should also be short, even more concise than the title if possible, to facilitate the understanding of the topic discuss by users and search engines. Look at the differences between the title and the URL of this article: we have avoid entering the number.

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Should we ne to change it. Especially for the Italian language, particular attention must be paid to accents that wedding photo editing service could create problems in. The display of links: it is better to eliminate them from the URLs.The importance of meta descriptions. Although the meta description itself is not a determining element from a positioning point of view. It is fundamental because it determines the click rate of users who see it among the search results. So the meta description must not be the same as the title, but complete it in terms of content. To explain to the reader what he will find on the page and to convince him to visit it.

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There are rules for this element too: search engines only show characters. If you go further, you run the risk of. Google searching for text at will, identifying a phrase that perhaps DT Leads contains the keyword. Indication of tags Even in the paragraphs indicat with the tag, the main keyword for which.The page wants to obtain positioning should be present. The H title must be unique for each page, in some cases it corresponds to the title, to communicate the topic cover to the search engine. of rules to avoid consistency problems

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