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Are you various tools come to our aid, the most popular of which is Google Analytics. checking the bounce rate In fact, every website has multiple bounce rates. They concern not only specific subpages, but also countries, devices, browser types, screen resolution, … Here are ways to check: Bounce rate for a specific subpage: To check the bounce rate for a separate subpage, go to Behavior > Site Content and click All Pages. Site-wide bounce rate: To check your overall bounce rate, simply open the Audience section and select Overview. Bounce rate for specific devices: To check the bounce rate for a specific device.

Good because it’s one of the surefire ways

We nee to go to the Audience Mobile traffic section and click Overview. Bounce rate for specific traffic sources. To check the bounce rate for a specific incoming traffic photo editor source, go to Acquisition. All Traffic and click Source Meium. How to interpret the bounce rate? The interpretation of the bounce rate is, firstly, highly subjective and, secondly, dependent on the purpose of the website. A very high bounce rate does not mean that there is something wrong with our website. On the contrary! bounce rate – how to interpret To correctly interpret the bounce rate, we should take many factors into account before we start the optimization process.

Email is one of the go-to options

Everything depends largely on our industry and traffic sources. Interpretation base on industry and purpose Let’s imagine that we have three websites: a blog, a company website and an online store. On each of them we see a bounce rate of. Do we nee to perform immeiate optimization on each of them? NO! If we run a blog , a high bounce rate is completely normal. Visitors open our article to find the answer to their question and then leave. So don’t be surprise if we DT Leads see a bounce rate of. It’s something completely natural! The same is true for one-page landing sites. If we run a business website that presents information about our company.

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