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Its identity Him reis – simple code Reis modules in practice. Reis modules are add-ons that extend the database to include any data processing and analysis scenarios. Thanks to the above extensions, there is no requirement to maintain and operate specialize databases for separate nees.  Just choose one of the ready-made open or proprietary Reis modules. A wide range of functions enables data processing from search to machine learning and proballistic data structures. Some of the many practical uses of Reis: Real-time analytics High spee transactions Content caching Sending notifications Geospatial data collection Machine learning Data streaming.

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To learn more about Reis and its modules or to view the technical documentation, please visit the official ReisLab website . live-chat plugins for WordPress WordPress live chat plugins Every company operating and selling its services on the Internet should offer technical support to its customers. Enabling contact and immeiate assistance in case of problems photo editor makes customers more satisfie and more likely to place further orders. It is possible that they will even give a positive rating which will also have a positive impact on your business or recommend the product or service to their friends.

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If for some reason you are unable to chat, live chat messages will be sent to your inbox. You can ask users for their email address when you are offline. Tawk is the most popular and best-rate live chat plugin for WordPress, use by over , people. pages. This plugin allows for very easy installation, configuration and subsequent chat operation plugin tawk to. Answers to user questions can be sent from the WordPress admin panel or via the DT Leads smartphone app.  Which means you can operate. Tawk to from anywhere in the world. The only thing you nee is an internet connection. WP-Chatbot for Messenger WP.

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