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Want to improve and speed up your TikTok video ads production Wondering how the TikTok AI script generator can help In this article youll learn how to use TikToks AI script generator to quickly produce more effective short-form video ads. How to Make Better TikTok Ads TikTok AI Script Generator by Social Media Examiner Why TikToks AI Script Tool Matters for Marketers Whether you want to develop and test TikTok ads faster or ensure that creatives really resonate with your target audience AI tools can help. Although

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Meta and Google have announced upcoming AI ad generation tools TikTok is the first to roll them out to all advertisers. Launched in June 2023 TikToks AI Script Generator tool is available to all users with a business b2b email list account. Its free to use and supports creating ads in English. Eligible users can access it from the TikTok Creative Center using a desktop browser. Note that this ai tool isnt available in the TikTok app or on a mobile device. With the Script Generator you can Start a video ad with a hook that draws in prospects and keeps

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 Create an ad body that communicates the unique positioning of your product. Write a compelling CTA that prompts your target audience to DT Leads take the next step. tiktok-ai-script-generator-creative-center-creative-tools-design-your-script-using-industry-product-name-product-description-1 All you need to use the new AI ad Script Generator is your Industry Product name Product description You also have the option to include keywords that relate to your product or service but they arent required. In addition you can choose a video

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