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Consider testing the longer script option. Review the Scripts When youre finished adding all of the required information and filling out any optional fields click the Generate Script button. The tool automatically generates three options to choose from—each with a hook scene and CTA. tiktok-ai-script-generator-design-your-script-results-hide-advanced-settings-video-format-keywords-script-no-2-option-6 Each part has all of the production notes and cues youll need to create the ad. Youll get recommendations for Voiceover scripts

For each scene

Text overlays you can time to display during the scene On-screen visuals that you can create with photos or videos If the scripts are close to what you need but not exactly right you can click the Generate More button at the business database bottom of the screen to get a new set of ai script suggestions. I was able to generate more than a dozen from the same prompts resulting in a range of super-short and slightly longer scripts. If all of the autogenerated scripts seem off or dont sound at all like your business the Generate More button probably

Isnt your best

Instead try rewording the product description or adding more details that the AI Script Generator can work from. Evaluate for Accuracy At first glance the scripts I generated look pretty good minor grammatical errors aside. All three scripts include my example talking points and keywords and they all express the example product and offer relatively accurately. But there are a few things you should look out for.

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