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Description field. But you also have the option to provide keywords that the ai tool will essentially use verbatim in the script. If you have a specific tagline or unique selling proposition (USP) its a good idea to add that here to ensure it doesnt get skipped. Note that you can add up to five 50-character entries in this field. tiktok-ai-script-generator-keywords-duration-for-key-talking-points-available-on-fridays-only-5 In my experiments the AI Script Generator tool automatically added the copy from the keyword field into text

Overlays and

Recommend using this field for points you really want to emphasize such as pricing or an expiration date. Select a Video Duration By default TikToks AI Script Generator creates ads business lead between 15 and 30 seconds long. Alternatively you can opt to create a longer ad thats between 31 and 60 seconds long. Typically TikTok recommends shorter video content that runs for around 15 seconds so in most cases the default option will probably be best for your creatives. But if you have several products to feature or a longer list of talking

Points to cover

 Create an ad body that communicates the unique positioning of your product. Write a compelling CTA that prompts your target audience to DT Leads take the next step. tiktok-ai-script-generator-creative-center-creative-tools-design-your-script-using-industry-product-name-product-description-1 All you need to use the new AI ad Script Generator is your Industry Product name Product description You also have the option to include keywords that relate to your product or service but they arent required. In addition you can choose a video

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