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Script-industry-food-and-beverage-selected-3 Does it matter how much detail you add or how you order the information you provide In my experience the order doesnt matter but the number of details does. When I included fewer talking points the autogenerated scripts were shorter with fewer scenes. So if you want to create a shorter ad keeping the description concise can help. The Conference Youve Been Waiting For As a small business marketer you can probably only pick one or two events to attend each year. Get an

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Experience and expert training at Social Media Marketing World in sunny San Diego California—from your friends at Social Media Examiner. As a valued reader you can save $750 if you act now! Sale Ends Wednesday! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Designate business email list a Video Format Although you dont have to select a video format doing so can help TikTok structure your ad more effectively. When you expand the Video Format drop-down you can pick from formats like product showcases unboxing video content and green

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Ai-script-generator-using-video-format-dropdown-option-automatic-system-selection-adding-structure-to-ads-4 I recommend testing both DT Leads the automated video format and the manual selection options. That way youll get a couple of scripts that you can either choose between right away or test in a TikTok ad. In my tests the automated format selection generated scripts that were closer to what Id envisioned. Provide Keywords When you use the AI Script Generator to create an ad youll want to include key talking points in the product

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