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Format and duration. If you dont select these elements manually TikTok will choose them automatically. Although this new ai script tool doesnt generate ad creatives you can use other tools in the TikTok Creative Center to streamline the production process. Below well walk through how to use these tools together to generate high-performing creatives more efficiently. #1 How to Use the TikTok AI Script Generator to Produce Video Ads Lets look at how the ai script tool works and how to prompt it to produce better results.

Select Your Industry

Go to the TikTok Creative Center and open the Creative Tools drop-down menu. Click to start using the AI Script Generator. Next expand the Industry drop-down b2b leads menu and choose the option that most closely matches yours. As of June 2023 these options are somewhat limited. You can always choose General if the other industries arent a great fit. For this example well go with Food & Beverage. tiktok-ai-script-generator-creative-center-creative-tools-dropdown-menu-using-script-generator-for-industry-2 Enter Your Product

Name Then

Enter the name of the product you plan to advertise. Note that youre limited to 50 characters so youll need to keep it concise. Stick DT Leads to the product name only here because you can describe it in the next field. For this example well make an ad about donuts. Describe Your Product Next provide some information about your product. This field allows up to 1000 characters so you have plenty of space to add features benefits and offer details. For this example well focus on how the offer works. tiktok-ai-script-generator-design-your-

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