How to Apply the Brain Death Protocol

The brain death protocol is an inherent procedure for every physician. Who works in hospitals and outpatient health institutions and often deals with the finitude of life. This is an essential issue for health professionals, as it involves establishing. When the brain irreversibly stops working and the conduct to be adopt thereafter. At the same time, the subject is of great interest to the family members of the patient involve. After all, in these cases, there may be an intention to donate organs. Which depends on this confirmation. A survey release a few years ago found that 60% of brain deaths in. The country were not notified . As main reasons for this, the lack of technical conditions, medical misinformation and the family’s unpreparedness in the face of death were mentioned. Realize that we are facing a challenging scenario. The reversal of which depends on the contribution of health professionals and medical units, something that begins with guidance aimed at this purpose.

The good news however

Is that the technology can help recognize the patient’s vitals as well as the absence of neurological activity in order to complete the diagnosis. Therefore, if you want to understand the classifications and steps for the confirmation of brain death, follow this article on brain death Japan Phone Number List protocol until the end. You will learn about the complementary exams for brain death protocol and the step by step of this procedure. Good reading! What is brain death? Brain death can be defined as the complete and irreversible loss of brain functions — the part that controls all body activities. To understand this better, let’s characterize the brain structures. The encephalon is formed by cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem, responding for the neurological actions of the body. This set controls the essential functions of the human being, such as breathing, and influences the heartbeat.

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Of the cerebral cortex

And of the brainstem. The absence of these functions implies death, as the patient is no longer able to breathe, maintain the temperature or pressure necessary for survival. Diagnosing brain death is important to avoid innocuous treatments, as well as freeing up beds and equipment and guiding DT Leads family members, who may choose to donate organs. Before declaring a person brain dead, physicians need to follow several requirements in order to avoid mistakes or anticipate a problem before the natural process of brain deterioration has elapsed. Thus, it is possible to provide a more accurate diagnosis. These requirements form a protocol for confirming brain death, which I will detail in the next topics. What is the difference between brain.

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