Telemedicine Eeg Reports in Neurology

Telemedicine in neurology is an effective solution for interpreting important exams remotely. Through technology, medical teams can count on quick results. Qualifying diagnoses and starting treatments in serious cases, such as stroke episodes (Cerebral Vascular Accident). Likewise, telemedicine in neurology offers a better quality of life for the population. Which now has access to tests and results in a simple way, even if far from large urban centers. This is also a way of expanding the activities of health institutions, taking quality care to the four corners of the country and, all of this, with the support. Of a medical board made up of specialists. So, if you are considering offering neurological reports, but don’t know. How to make this investment economically, continue reading this article.

I will explain how to care for

A serious patient and perform complex tests with the support of a cutting-edge and specialized team. All, of course, through the telehealth platform . What is telemedicine in neurology? Telemedicine is an area of ​​medicine that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to allow remote patient care . In Brazil, the most used modality comprises the issuance of reports at a distance . In the case of telemedicine in neurology, or just teleneurology, the tests in question are intended for medical research on the nervous system, such as the electroencephalogram . It is also possible to resort to technology to obtain a second medical opinion , resorting to a specialist to clarify doubts or to have support in a certain diagnosis.


All of this takes place through

A telemedicine platform , an online and secure environment, which I will provide more details about in the next topic. How does telemedicine in neurology work on a telehealth platform? Telehealth is an even broader area than telemedicine, as it relates to all health services provided at a distance, also through ICTs . That is, it encompasses telemedicine DT Leads and also other formats, such as teleconsulting (between doctors and health professionals) and tele-education (with the provision of distance training). Its regulation in the country complies with Ordinance MS nº 2.546 , published on October 27, 2011. Thus, the telemedicine platform that allows teleneurology exams to be report can also be called a telehealth platform. Do you know how it works? Basically, when hiring a neurological telemedicine company , the clinic or hospital performs. The exam with digital equipment and then the collected data is sent to the online environment.

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