Knowing how to recognize stroke STROKE: WARNING , symptoms and what to do in the face of this medical emergency can save lives. In addition to increasing the chances of successful treatment. Allowing the patient to be treated soon after the first signs are manifest. This usually happens suddenly , preventing the movements of a body part, which becomes weak and numb. Follow, in this article, the main signs of a stroke , tips to identify them and what is the best way to help the victim . See also how telemedicine speeds up the diagnosis in these cases. Stroke. Symptoms of Cerebral Vascular Accident It is not always easy to recognize a stroke by the symptoms . This is because the event can manifest itself in different ways. Depending on the severity and region of the brain affected. Remembering that the Cerebral Vascular Accident is characterized by the decrease of blood flow in the brain.

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And nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the neurons – the cells of the brain. As this organ commands all body activities, one or more functions are impaired, triggering different signals. List, below, the most common symptoms of stroke , according to the Ministry of Health : Headachevery strong, sudden onset, especially if accompanied by vomiting Weakness or numbness in the face , arms, or legs, usually affecting Germany Mobile Number List one side of the body Paralysis (difficulty or inability to move) Sudden loss of speech or difficulty communicating and understanding what is being said Loss of vision, blurred vision, or difficulty seeing in one or both eyes. There are still other manifestations , which may include: loss of balance Dizziness fainting Mental confusion Nausea Somnolence Palpitations seizures. It is important to reiterate that the presence of one or more.

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To lose in the face of a suspected stroke. That’s because symptoms come on suddenly, indicating that one or more areas of the brain are already suffering. That is, it is necessary to help the victim as soon as possible to prevent death or sequelae . Because stroke is time-dependent. Which means the first DT Leads hour is crucial to reverse its effects on neurons. If medical attention takes more than three hours, the chances of cure are very low. Tips for spotting stroke symptoms People close to a stroke victim can identify that there is something wrong in a simple conversation or observation of movements. Be wary if the person starts talking in a confused, disjointed manner or suddenly stops responding.

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