The concept of Value Ladder

Phew, my ass hurts. I’m going to stop writing for a while and stretch my legs, which is possible on the train. No? I think it’s already dawn although I don’t know, because I was in the hallway and everyone has their blinds drawn. In fact, almost everyone sleeps. Except for whoever I have next to, I think he is reading the post out of the corner of his eye. I hope you at least like it… Will you stop reading or hide when you read this? I’ll tell you later. Know? It was quite a while ago when I first read about this concept and, not long ago, I did it again. It came from Russell Brunson in his highly recommended book, DotCom Secrets .

So yes: build funnels to advance on the Value ladder

Worth. But not about leaving your comfort zone or facing fear . No. Not chocolate either. Although I feel like it. Focus top industry data Vic! Value of obtaining profit. Yeah? The more value you get, the more likely you are to accept my offer. The more value you perceive (note, this is the key), the more open your doors will be . TRUE? But, look, after 1,268 words, you still hadn’t missed talking about courage . TRUE? The sales process, moving towards the sale, convincing him that he needs it, touching his pain points, poking his finger at the sore spot, selling, selling. But always with courage first!

Last conclusions

Okay, I could have told you at the beginning and saved you a lot of reading, but… wasn’t that cool? I think so for the person next to me, although she must have been annoyed by what she did before DT Leads because now she seems to refuse to look… or I have bored her. I do not know. OK! Maybe a little long but those are my reflections. For me, the important thing is that you stay with these conclusions : Before you start setting up tools, reflect and make a plan . Define the value ladder for your ideal client. How much value can you offer before bidding?

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