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SEO Culture at Blogger3cero. We begin. Article index 1 How Web Excellence much do you want to earn? 2 How much do SEO consultants earn? 3 What do you offer as an SEO consultant? Pricing your services 3.1 SEO Consulting 3.2 SEO Audit 3.3 SEO campaign 3.4 Keyword Research Hey what’s up reader! You are starting to learn SEO and you intend to provide services and charge for them… You get your first client, but… How much to charge? How much does a market audit cost? And keyword research? How to know what to offer you and at what price! I am going to write the article that I myself would have liked to read when I started taking my first steps in SEO.

Risk charging Web Excellence too much in case you don't find clients

This post is dedicated to all those people category email list who are taking their first steps A common fear is this: You don’t want to risk charging too much in case you don’t find clients, but you also don’t want to blow your price and feel like you’re not getting the money you deserve for your work . Things don’t get any better when you start looking at the rates of other SEO consultants. To what extent can you compare your services and experience with those of others, perhaps with years ahead of you? Let’s talk about SEO services and money.

Personal brand and similar can alter the data shown here

This content is based mainly on DT Leads my personal experience and opinion and logically does not necessarily represent the entirety of the entire market. There are people who charge below “standards” and people who charge “way above.” Factors such as cache, reputation, personal brand and similar can alter the data shown here, so do not take it as something “literal”. How much do you want to earn? It is obvious that you are here to earn money, in fact more than if you worked for others, so the first thing you should be clear about is that amount always from realistic perspectives (we would all like to reach 15,000 euros per month but.

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