How to attract and manage clients in the dark funnel

How to We have been thinking about the concept of dark social or dark funnel in a marketing. Therefore, strategy for a long time. Although it is an idea that we have been thinking about since the beginning of the Internet, the first reference I have to this term is from October 2012 (I myself. Therefore, spoke about it on this blog in November 2012 in “Dark social : the key to understanding the dissemination of content “). 

How to can we measure the effects of the dark funnel

How to In the article on dark social that I mentioned, I talk industry email list about the possible measurable effects of these interactions through. Therefore, direct traffic to certain URLs that have probably been reached from a site/platform (message, email, etc.), which we are not able to measure. In this article I made some simple calculations, and at that time the contribution. Therefore, of this traffic was enormous: the dark funnel caused traffic from social networks to increase by.

How can we influence our B2B audience dark funnel

In B2C we tend to look for our audience by launching numerous DT Leads marketing actions, hoping that part of that. Therefore, voluminous audience ends up buying, and we inadvertently forget the part in which our future clients carry out their research in places where we are not able to measure (dark funnel). In B2B we do not have large audiences, nor many opportunities to reach them. 

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