How would you have acted if you had been able to foresee the COVID crisis

How would Before the COVID crisis, companies did not give much importance to strategy and planning. More progress was made through impulses, market pressures and intuition. In many large companies this was reduced to the annual plan that is designed at the end of the year and in smaller SMEs not even that. But of course, several crises have come in a row and the scenario has completely changed. 

Experience is the basis of high performance How would

How would magine that you are sailing, 80 miles from the coast. It’s three category email list in the morning, he’s overcast and you can’t see the stars. The wind is blowing at 35 knots, almost stormy, and the waves reach 5 meters high, sending spray and foam across the deck. Visibility is minimal. Suddenly something horrible happens: the crew member who had gone to the bow is swept away by a breaking wave and falls overboard. The crew’s reaction is immediate. The helmsman shouts “man overboard” and begins the tack following Butakov’s maneuver.

How does this story apply to our company the COVID crisis

Another, from the deck, is in charge of not losing sight of the one DT Leads who has fallen and keeping him signaled with the flashlight, while his companion throws the lifebuoy, the emergency light and any other floating thing at hand to mark the position. Finally another releases the genoa and catches the mainsail to allow the tack to begin sailing under motor. In just a few seconds, a large team has reacted in a coordinated manner to maximize the chances of success

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