Why are those index coverage messages arriving now?

AHA! That’s the million-dollar question: “ Vic, I’ve been living with problems like this since I had a website… why are I getting emails now? ”. Indeed, this happens. Who has a clean list of 404 errors or who doesn’t have a timely warning of 5xx errors in their Search Console? Almost no one, right? But why do we suddenly receive these emails? Is Google now going to kick me out of the world? Has something changed that will cause a disaster to occur? Not at all! The only reason is that now Google is updating Search Console and including new messages and new improvements. That’s why you start receiving these emails. But it’s not worrying!

What do I do about Search Console index coverage issues?

Well, having a super cool weekend, of course. That at least. Or start watching “This is Us”, the series capable of filling you inside and emptying your tear ducts . Do not miss it! Ah! Yes Hahaha. Regarding the topic of these messages, after telling industry email list yourself that it is not serious, you will be thinking about doing nothing. TRUE? But that is not the way. Just because the problem is not new does not mean that it is not a problem . Just because the problem is not a monumental disaster does not mean that it is not a problem. You receive the notification because there may be problems and, just like before you received it, you should try to fix it .

Last conclusions

I don’t know what happened to those times when I wrote posts in 20 minutes. Hahaha. But what is this! Anyway, it looks like I’m getting old. Bald I’m still the same… He goes, concluding : Don’t worry too much about that message because DT Leads it is a new way of communicating with Search Console but you probably already had the problems. Review the errors and try to fix them . You always win when you solve a problem. And, of course, now that we know a little more… What can you tell me? Had you received the message? What did you think when you received it? How have you acted? Can you give me a healthy recipe for oatmeal cookies that are crunchy? Participate, hiccup!

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