25 Essential Strategies for the Community Manager

25 Essential Strategies for the Community Manager. We are very lucky to have received advice for a Community Manager from 22 specialists. In this article we analyze their answers and summarize the most important ones. Many agree on very important actions and strategies in Social Media for this year. Our Social Media References have shared with us their advice for the Community Manager . It is highly recommended valuable content for those who manage a brand or company on the Web.

Know the company and consumers and Establish KPIs and scorecard

Know the company and consumers. More than 8 specialists have considered it very important to know the company, its sector and the type of consumer they are targeting very well. It is probably email database one of the first things a Community Manager has to do in a company. Start by doing a big analysis of the sector and its strategy on the web. Establish KPIs and scorecard. To measure, it will be essential that you set some KPIs that will help you see which objectives you are meeting and which ones you need to work on more. Through a dashboard you can view all the variables in a simple way and thus focus on decision making.

Share and not Compete

Share and not Compete. Another issue on which several references agree is the spirit of sharing instead of competing. We can see competition everywhere or have a more open vision that allows us to share content from others, collaborate on joint initiatives and at some point obtain DT Leads the support of those you help and with whom you share. This will make the difference between a company open to the world and your sector, and between a company that is solitary like an island.

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