The 10 Best Online Marketing and Social Media Books

The 10 Best Online Marketing and Social Media Books. From the entire Aula CM team, we have selected the 10 Marketing and Social Media books that we liked the most this year. The choice has been very difficult since this year we have read many very good books. We hope you like them and can learn from them as much as we do. Good morning! Today I want to share with you 10 Marketing and Social Media books that you can’t miss . They are all current, useful and motivating. They are a selection to continue learning from the best.

Guerrilla Marketing for Courageous Entrepreneurs

Guerrilla Marketing for Courageous Entrepreneurs. Carlos Bravo Are you brave, enterprising and do you like to try new strategies? Are you one of those who adapt to change or those who give up or block in the face of the unknown? In this book Carlos Bravoblogger at and co-founder of Quondos invites you to reflect on marketing, which we all know, to integrate top people data  it and apply it to the environment and market we have today. He is a good guide with lists, examples and key points to put into practice from the first moment.

Transmedia Narratives

Transmedia Narratives. When all media counts. Carlos A. Scolari The 10 Best Online Marketing and Social Media Books. Transmedia Narratives is a book of interest to a wide range of professionals that includes screenwriters, producers, journalists, documentary filmmakers, film directors, designers, artists and in general any specialist whose objective is to communicate to people a story, a story. , a narrative or a message through current media. Transmedia as such may seem like a new and unknown DT Leads concept to you, but in no way, we are all consumers or generators of transmedia. As? Sharing content in different formats and platforms and I feel an active part of them.

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