A woman is buried alive by her husband and saves her skin

The story seems to be taken from a book by the horror master Edgar Allan Poe. But it is 100% real (because sometimes reality far surpasses fiction). In the United States. A man has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder after burying his wife alive and breaking her Apple Watch with a hammer after she used the device to call the police. Chae An, 53, attacked Young An and then proceeded to restrain her with a sticky note. Even so, despite being gagged. The victim managed to contact the police through her Apple Watch. At that moment the attacker proceeded to smash his wife’s smart watch with a hammer. Even so, the call remained active and police officers appeared at the scene.

The Apple Watch played a decisive role

In the forest, where Chae An allegedly top industry data stabbed his wife in the chest with a knife, the man buried Young An in a shallow grave that he covered with dirt and fallen branches. Several hours later Young An managed to escape from the grave and ran through the forest in search of help before being found by a police officer hiding behind a shed . Chae An was detained shortly after by law enforcement in the forest. A few months ago , Apple launched an ad to sell the benefits of the emergency button built into its smart watch (which is also the one Young An used to call for help). And the spot in question was criticized for incorporating real calls 

Helping Young An save her life

To the emergency DT Leads services (and apparently being excessively morbid). However, it seems that the Apple device does indeed perform perfectly when used in situations where the user’s life is in danger. Consider planning your activity times and commit to sticking to them. Over time it will get easier. Move a little more every day. Start little by little and your body will tell you when it is ready for the next level. You don’t want to do everything the first time. The important thing is to realize how you are improving. 

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