Adolfo Domínguez opts for the uniform as part of the Repeat more

The fashion brand, Adolfo Domínguez , promotes the campaign “Repeat more. “Think less” with the aim of reducing the impact on the planet and changing consumer habits. Now, the brand proposes “Uniform Monday” , and champions a movement based on mental sustainability. Hand in hand with CHINA, part of LLYC , your creative agency. In «Repeat more. Think less”, Adolfo Domínguez gave the floor to thinkers and philosophers such as Steven Pinker and Elizabeth Duval . These highlighted the number of tasks that people drag through their minds every day. Therefore, the campaign seeks to think less about less important decisions, and to think about sustainability from a new point of view: mental sustainability .

UniformMonday the new proposal by Adolfo Domínguez

With this action, the brand invites other category email list companies and associations to join #UniformMonday and look for new ways to reduce stress in everyday lives. To promote this action, Adolfo Domínguez has had the participation of Najwa Nimri . The actress starred in a photo shoot where she appeared with the clothes that are part of her “uniform.” Composed of up to 5 different brands, it has also committed to repeating it every Monday of the month of November. For his part, Rafa Antón from CHINA points out that almost all of the actions that make up the campaign seek to “propose a way of relating to the most sensible, most sustainable clothing that frees us from some of the servitudes of fashion.

More sustainable relationship with fashion

The first to put this to the test have DT Leads been the employees of Adolfo Domínguez, as they have been practicing #UniformMonday for a month. Adriana Domínguez, executive president of the firm, points out that the office is not only the place where you work, but also where people interact. This double nature generates the need to think about what image is projected. «We want dressing not to take up our time, but to generate it. That we can do it automatically and keep our thoughts focused on what really matters,” explains the professional.

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