Having cases that work and that are creative has been decisive this year

As soon as you enter the PS21 offices in Madrid, a large shelf opens up showing all the trophies that the agency has achieved throughout its history. Since last October 27, another award has earned its place on one of the shelves: the Eficacia Award for Creative Agency of the Year. It is the first time that PS21 receives this recognition, which is added to 3 other awards won with campaigns for KFC in the 2022 Efficacy Awards. They won a Silver in the Best Tactical Action category with their “KFC Copypaste” campaign, another Silver in Construction of Community and Own Audience with «Push Notifications» and a bronze in Building a brand.

The relationship between KFC and PS21

One of PS21’s star clients is KFC . The agency industry email list began working five years ago with the historic fried chicken company and today it is one of the advertisers that maintains a “closer” relationship with the PS21 team, as García states. «We are constantly talking and, luckily, after the pandemic, we are more and more often sitting at the same table working. There is a point of freshness and trust in the relationship, we know very well how all the legs that move the legs of your business work », he explains.

Intuition the word that defines agency

When asked for a definition of the PS21 DT Leads agency, both respond with one word: intuition . “It is a word that, after all, tells you almost unconsciously that something is going to be right or not ,” declares the agency’s executive creative director. His colleague agrees: «It is something that is noticeable in our work, but we also see it from within. Our way of working on creativity and strategy is very intuitive. We work with data, but always to try to go further and look for new ways and spaces to connect .” In this sense, García adds that it is increasingly important to “look for ways that allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition” and insists that measurement , both before and after actions, is equally fundamental.

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