That is to say: understand the mental shortcuts

That is to say: understand the mental shortcuts they use unconsciously when making decisions especially in situations of risk or uncertainty. It is key to carry out this analysis not only before customers buy your products or services but also during and after making the purchase: covering the entire “behavioral customer journey” . In practice you can begin to design solutions to overcome your customers’ psychological barriers or that enhance the desir behavior at each stage of the experience. In behavioral economics the theory of “nudging” has been developenunciat by the nobel prize in economics and one of the fathers of behavioral economics richard.

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Thaler who recently visit spain . A “nudge” is an intervention that includes changes in the context in which clients make decisions or perform a behavior mobile app designs service to influence them. The golden rule is to maintain your freom of choice that is: if options are remov or prohibit it would not be consider nudging . These interventions are usually compar with other alternative solutions in experiments that measure their impact for example on customer satisfaction conversion rate open rate etc. Why is human behavior so difficult to prict people have limit rationality that is there are limits to our processing capacity.

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Furthermore both the information and time available when making a decision are also limit. This concept introduc by ha simonchallenges the rational choice theory of standard economics providing companies with a new ne: to understand how DT Leads customers actually make decisions in the interaction with our brand products or services to promote behavioral changes . A classic example: you might think that the more options you offer your customers the easier it will be for them to find the alternative that satisfies their ideal preference that’s what it would be like under.

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