Why behavioral economics key for your business

Why behavioral economics key for your business the first thing to understand. What behavioral economics . Behavioral economics an interdciplinary field that brings together theories from social psychology and economics to provide a realtic and scientific vion of how humans make decions. Behavioral economics the future of business since deeply understanding human behavior key in the era of technological automation. Th dcipline your best ally to decipher your clients’ decion-making process and help you achieve your business objectives.

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Among them: increase the perceiv value of a product or brand build consumer loyalty customers emotionally connect to your brand have a lifetime value that higher than “only satfi” onesinnovate in a product or brand create brand awarenes through mobile app development service the use of prices packaging logosIncrease consumer engagement through communication. Did you know that for example the stocks of companies that experiment have a return times higher than the average of the s p. And that the sales of companies that make decions bas on behavioral insights grow more than their competitors.

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How can you achieve all th understanding human behavior complex there are more than theories on behavior changeand the influence of some external variables such as the context in which decions are made very difficult to model: hence the DT Leads importance of counting with a team of professionals in behavioral economics. One of the most common applications of behavioral economics to identify the heurtics and cognitive biases of your clients at specific moments in their journey.

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