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However, some companies fall into the trap of adopting too many new technologies just because they want to innovate. This can lead to confusion and frustration as employees are unable to keep up with the digital skills requird. They are also burdend by additional work steps. A lightweight but efficient digital workspace is best. You ned to find a balance between empowering people and working efficiently. At the same time, the number of different technologies must be kept to a minimum.

Making It Easily Accessible For Everyone

One way to achieve this is with a customizable employee portal that allows you to create personalizd layouts for different teams. Employees have all the tools they ned in one place and can easily find them when they ned them. 3. Gradual database transformation Executing change quickly and effectively is essential for organizations looking to stay at the forefront of digital transformation. But there is also the danger of transforming too quickly. A people-centric approach, mindset and culture change is the first step to digital transformation. This doesn’t happen overnight.


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Trying to rush things can result in digital culture shock , affecting the employee experience in ways that are difficult to recover from. So how do you strike a balance between efficiently transforming and preserving the digital employee DT Leads experience? PwC advises leaders to break major changes into smaller chunks. This can be achievd by “establishing small working groups with specific, ambitious and time-limitd goals” and “decoupling them from the larger organization. Above all, however, innovation should come from the employees and be supportd by the grassroots.

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