The Values ​​of the Brand, the Best Advertising for the Company

The impact of social issues on consumer choices. How much does a brand’s stance on social issues influence? What impact do company values have on purchasing decisions? Today’s consumers are looking for companies that take on their social . Responsibility and make a contribution to important causes.  Such as respect for the environment or working conditions , the . Most important issues. People follow brands bas on the social causes they represent and are more likely to buy from brands that . .R .E spect the natural ecosystem and their employees. Reputation and brand. Values have therefore become the best advertising for . Companies and in the satisfaction index they come before the price.  Or quality of the products, as long as they are authentic values . 

IPSOS MORI research in the clothing sector

Advertisingwakes upor woke advertising . The phenomenon affects companies all over the world and has been . Renam in the usa as ” woke advertising ” or ” awake advertising “, . Because taking a conscious and committ position on social.  Issues is a very effective form of advertising for companies . The term “Woke advertising”, in reality, is also us with a different.  And ironic meaning, when special data referring to those companies that preach and scratch badly. These are those brands that, while flaunting . Their commitment to energy saving, the fight against waste or fair working.  Conditions, deep down do something completely different.

Generation Z and ithemes partnerswings

When the deception then comes to the . Surface, it is painful, because consumers do not forget DT Leads the betrayal . Of those brands, chosen for their declar ideals, which then turn out to be just a facade. Company commercials increasingly feature . Stories of values as you may have notic, brand advertisements . Are stories that invite you to buy a product or service. To create something good and useful in an increasingly globaliz society. An example is the advertising of pan di stelle biscuits, “A dream call cocoa”,. Which highlights the brand’s commitment to a sustainable cocoa . Supply chain and the concrete help given. To those who live from this collection: families and children ivorians.

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