Amazon, the Advertising Alternative to Google and Facebook

Amazon, the advertising alternative to google and facebook . Amazon advertising amazon digital advertising, another opportunity.  For smes do you have a small or mium-siz business, would you like.  To sell online and advertise on the web via a secure conversion tool? Open a marketplace and advertise with amazon ! As we wrote in an article some time ago.  Jeff bezos’ group is expanding its business by investing in digital advertising. Today, after a short time, amazon is an advertising alternative to google and facebook! Amazon sponsorships are.  A great opportunity for all those entrepreneurs who, like you, want to .

Amazon the largest product search engine

Advertise and achieve results, without necessarily having a shop on amazon! The main advantage of amazon advertising is its openness to all sellers and.  Its proximity to business objectives . In fact, people who use the e-commerce . Platform already have the intention of buying something and.  From advertising to sale it takes a moment! Or rather one click! Amazon advertising or amazon advertising where do latest database you find the best.  Information on amazon advertising? On the e-commerce website! Just type the keywords to access the web page and all the information on sponsorships! The service is aim at all those companies who want to .

User information contained in Amazon databases

Reach their target “At the right time and with a. Relevant message”, in order to obtain maximum results with digital marketing operations! To achieve this objective, the platform provides.  Many different solutions DT Leads and for each one it provides a simple . And intuitive procure, which guides the user in all phases of creating advertisements. We seetogetherthe different offers. Sponsor product ads sponsor products are advertisements with which to sponsor products . Through a guid procure , . Amazon will guide you in creating your ad, for which you will have to choose your keywords and a small sum to invest. Where will product or sponsor product ads appear? On the amazon search results page ! Imagine being on the e-commerce site and searching,

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