Don’t just think of it as an opportunity for a backlink

Rather than rushing to create a dozen videos. Infographics or blog posts. Focus your resources on creating a handful of truly great pieces. As you plan and develop your content for demand generation. Consider how useful (or entertaining) the content will be. How shareable it will be. And how you can use high-quality design and/or production values to make a great first impression of your brand . Offer guest content to big blogs a great way to raise awareness of your brand is to have content post   on big niche blogs. (you can also follow this strategy with podcasts by asking to be a guest on large. Relevant podcasts.


You may also be able to include

Many large blogs are open to receiving guest email List posts. Which will have a “bio” that you can link to about your website or product. You may also be able to include links within the body of the post. Of course. As with any demand generating content. Your guest posts ne   to be high quality. Don’t just think of it as an opportunity for a backlink. But as an opportunity to get your content seen by an audience of potentially hundr  s of thousands of people.   3: partner with others to promote your content partnership marketing means working with one or more other brands.


Working alongside another company

 This could be done very simply (maybe one week. They share a link to your content in their newsletter. And the following week. You do the same for them) or it could involve a much more detail  . Long-term collaboration. As small biz trends explains: “it’s not uncommon for small DT Leads businesses to find themselves struggling with their marketing efforts. As they simply don’t have the time. Money. Or resources to d  icate to the marketing they ne   to grow. Rather rather than being a ‘one man show’. Working alongside another company or group of companies on a specific marketing strategy or campaign. Partnership marketing can be a cost-effective way for small businesses to raise awareness of the brand. Customer acquisition and ultimately growth.


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