The Winning Formula in Sales is Omnichannel

From the interaction between different channels you get the most from your customers. Do you have a physical store and an online one or do you only have a retail store . And are thinking of opening an online shop? Digital retail is the right . Combination and the winning formula in sales is omnichannel . And synergy between online shop and physical point of sale! People today no longer buy only online or only in stores, but have . “Mix” purchasing behaviors: they buy online and collect in the store,. They buy from amazon or other e-commerce or they search . For information on google, but then buy in the shop next door! Marketing research . Tells us that 3 out of 4 consumers look for products . To buy online, but then visit a physical store within 24 hours of

Because omnichannel is a marketing lever

Searching; 82% of people inform themselves on the web first before buying in a physical store. Today’s consumers are looking for continuity new data between in-store purchases . And online purchases and are asking brands and retailers for more . Communication and sales channels. In one word they are looking for omnichannel  companies! What is the omnichannel.  Nature of a point of sale what is omnichannel retail and what does omnichannel mean? A retail store is omnichannel when it offers  . Its customers and potential customers various contact points and . Various digital and physical purchasing paths that are perfectly integrat.  With each other in actions and content. 

The synergy between online and offline in Unieuro

Omniality, in fact, is a marketing strategy align.  With the ongoing digital evolution, which puts the . Customer at the center of all company actions and aims to achieve.  The best purchasing experience and maximum satisfaction. Because omnichannel is a marketing DT Leads lever because the customer .  Can mix digital and physical channels and get in touch with the company in various ways. You can find your favorite brand on social mia, on e-commerce platforms or go directly to the store. You can buy online at any time and at any time, without having to wait. For the store to be open or you can order online and collect in the store, at the times you prefer or receive the 

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