The Potential of Amazon Advertising 2019

Amazon ads, the advertising closest to.  Purchase intentions in the previous article we talked about . Amazon advertising 2019 , advertising formats such as sponsored . Products, sponsored brands or the free mini website that sellers can c. Reate on e-commerce.  We underlined that compared to other advertising . Platforms such as facebook or google, the strong point of amazon. Sponsorships is the speed in generating conversions , which according t. O a well-known statistic is 8.3% higher than that of other e-commerce sites. This happens because those millions of people who . Enter the e-commerce site every day are looking for a product to buy and 

Amazon's comeback compared to Google and Facebook

Have a precise idea of what they want. When, during this search, they see a promo for a product selected.  Based on their interests, the probability that that desire will turn.  Into a purchase is almost certain. In advertising, 2019 will be the year. Of amazon there is great excitement around amazon sponsorships. The first thing that catches your eye is the growth in amazon advertising . Success from 2018 to new database 2019, which leaves no doubt that this will be the year of amazon! Every year the profit margins of the online.  Sales giant in the advertising sector have grown by 95% and now . Constitute three times the company’s total revenues. According to morgan stanley,

Our advice for advertising online

Amazon’s advertising business is worth 125 . Billion dollars, a value that the repubblica newspaper, to give us an idea,.  Compared to owning six assicurazioni DT Leads generali! At this rate, . Amazon advertising in 2019, as we predicted , will surpass advertising . Nvestments on google and facebook, breaking their traditional duopoly. Amazon’s comeback compared to google and facebook . A well-known research by jumpshot reports that in 2015, 54% . Of the advertising market was in the hands of google, while amazon had 46%. In 2018 the roles were reversed: amazon gained 54% and google fell to 46%! Another 2019 research done by emarketer reveals.  That amazon will be the third big advertising company, but  . Its growth will be higher than that of its competitors.

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