Who creates a much more personal connection than people

 A study by eye view digital found that using video increases conversions by up to 86%. Many people would rather watch than read. Given the choice between reading the sales page and watching a video. Many potential customers choose the video. If you don’t have that. A wall of text could very well make them disappear. The video is more memorable. As wishpond explains. Video can be a great way to get your brand remember  : “a standout video on your landing page – one that resonates with your demographic and gets your business message across – can create a memorable experience.


That's why we'll take a look at seven examples

A poorly done explainer video — one that looks amateurish. Takes africa email list ages to get  to the point. Or leaves potential customers more confus   than before they start   — won’t do much for your conversion rate. That’s why we’ll take a look at seven examples of great explainer videos… And find out why they work so well. Seven great explainer videos… And why they work   1: dollarshaveclub length: 1 min 33 why it works: this video from dollarshaveclub makes great use of humor – let it be spoken than visual (the little girl shaving her father).


Great razors that do the job without

 The main man is the company’s founder. Mike dubin. Who creates a much more personal connection than people would normally have with the company DT Leads selling them a razor. The focus is clear: cheap razors. Great razors that do the job without having a lot of unnecessary extras – and the irreverent nature of the brand is on full display.   2: unroll.me length: 1 min 0 why it is short and focuses on a very simple message: “email doesn’t have to suck.” it shows a group of different people sharing their frustrations with email subscriptions. Then shows them and others using the app. With a firm focus on how easy it is to unsubscribe with unroll. 

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