Why Great Backlinks Are Important

So why are backlinks such an important factor in SEO? Why do you need backlinks to rank in a highly competitive field?

A backlink is an endorsement of your content, website, or brand in the eyes of search engines.

Straight from Google’s mouth, backlinks serve a powerful purpose:

Quality of content

The Internet is a web of links that point to each other. And Google’s algorithm gives importance to backlinks from reputable sources.

Google has mentioned the importance of building high-quality links several times: Backlinks from popular websites signal to readers and search engines alike that your content is valuable, trustworthy, and important.

How to identify which pages on your

When you link these back to your website, the power goes back to you and you can improve your rankings for competitive keywords.

Ranking for competitive keywords is impossible without great backlinks.

In obscure niches, you can survive without backlinks. But in this Ws Database space, it’s also your biggest opportunity to secure long-term rankings by building a backlink moat that will take years for your competitors to catch up. You probably know the importance of links. But how do you identify which pages on your site you want to build links to?

Website you want to build links to

Here, the approach must include multiple strategies and be able to achieve multiple unique goals.

Building links to your homepage is always a good idea from a branding perspective. Having DT Leads a link to your home page will help you rank for your keywords faster overall. It also increases branded organic searches and traffic.

But that alone isn’t enough. In highly competitive fields like SEO tools, project management, and almost anything else related to software, you need to look beyond your brand and also build links directly to your keyword ranking pages.

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